The Dog’s Sense of Direction is Better Than Mine

Dog sat nav cartoon

I have a terrible sense of direction, but fortunately my dog seems to know where we should be going. Once when I took him for a walk on holiday, I couldn’t work out which way to go, to get back to the house. We got to a turning so I asked my dog and let him choose.

More recently I somehow managed to take a wrong turn in the spinney near us. I got a bit disorientated as to which way we were heading. This is quite an achievement, as it only takes about a minute to walk from one side to the other. I asked my dog which way again, and I followed him. That was until he got his head covered in some long plants, and I had to get him back up so I could trample it down. It’s a good job he’s smart.

#the100dayproject day 87

Don’t Bother Getting Out Of Bed Cartoon

Get out of bed cartoon

Today was a rubbish day, I really shouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed.

I was working on some greeting card designs trying to get the type to work with the images, but it didn’t. Instead of working on something else (which I kept telling myself to do) I kept trying to rework the designs without success.

I will look at them again with fresh eyes, and in a better mood tomorrow or Friday.

#the100dayproject day 86


Snogkel A New Invention For Hayfever Sufferers

The drawing looks a bit rude, which I never I intended, but never mind (must have been because I was watching that comedy about Anne Summers parties sat night).

Hayfever cartoon

#the100dayproject day 85


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